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Watch many classical Hollywood and Ghanaian movies at some best cinema

THEATRES AND CINEMA - Ghana is the most beautiful country in Africa and offers numerous attractions for every kind of tourists considering the fact that it has a rich history, unique culture, wild forests full of animals, delicious cuisines and a plethora of movie theaters where you can watch latest Ghanaian movies. Not to mention the fact that going to the movie theater has become a tradition for many families and people love going to the movies to sit back, relax and watch the latest movies at cinema halls. Listed below are some of the most popular movie theaters in Ghana.


1. Silverbird Cinema- Located in the Accra Mall, Silverbird Cinema has a purpose built auditorium, air-conditioned room, comfortable and cozy armchairs, big screen among many others, and you can watch classical as well as latest Hollywood and Ghanaian movies with your family and friends. Revolutionizing cinema in Nigeria, Silverbird Cinema pioneered the first five-screen cineplex in sub-Saharan Africa. Besides, no vacation in Ghana is complete without visiting Silverbird Cinema.


2. Rex Cinema- Opened in 1937, Rex Cinema is situated in the Central Makola district of the capitol city and is a must visit for any avid movie fan. If you want to watch the latest movies in the cinema hall, make sure you visit Rex Cinema.


3. Roxy Cinema- Roxy Cinema is one of the popular movie theaters in Ghana where you can watch latest Ghanaian movies.


Add to that, even the smallest town in Ghana proudly boasts a movie theater, and each new release is highly anticipated by aficionados of celluloid.


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