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Guidance and Counselling

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Counsellors are health professionals who talk to you about issues in your life, and help solve them. A counsellor is someone you talk to about what's bothering you. They can suggest ways that you can deal with stuff, and sometimes just the act of talking about it makes you see solutions you didn't know were there.

Guidance - Taking a vacation is always fun and exciting, but it can also be a lonely and stressful experience. While it's natural to take a break and relax, especially after toiling and slogging hard for months, many people don't enjoy going on a travel break as they quiver at the mere thought of visiting a faraway place. Not to mention the fact that the new sights, tastes, smells and sounds that you experience when you visit Ghana can be incredible, but they also be a little overwhelming. However, anxious travelers who want to experience the bliss of traveling and want to have fun and enjoyable vacation in Ghana can take the help of professional counsellors in Ghana, Accra. Furthermore, you can find a plethora of guidance and counselling services in Ghana as well as relationship counsellors in Ghana. One of the most popular counsellors in Ghana is Vera Vivian Nuhoho. Holding a Masters of Education in guidance and counselling from the University of Education, Winneba-Ghana, a Bachelor of Arts in human resource management and a Diploma of fashion design and textiles studies, Vera helps in relational issues including stress management, anger management, depression, emotional issues including anxiety among many others.

In addition, you can also visit other counsellors in Ghana namely WARA hospital, Progressive Life Center Ghana among many others. Not to mention, getting a clear idea about financial implications in a foreign land, documenting your trip and most of all maintaining a positive attitude will help you to put on your traveling shoes and go hopping from one place to another.


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