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Attend a Ghanaian festival and enjoy drama, dancing and feasting

GHANAIAN FESTIVAL- Ghana is one of the most popular as well as important countries in Africa and is famous for captivating sights, delicious cuisines, cultural uniqueness and most of all Resplendent festivals, making it an ultimate tourist attraction. Anyone visiting Ghana would not cease to be amazed by the number of traditional and national festivals happening whole year round. Popular not only among local Ghanaian people but also among the foreign visitors, Ghana festivals are a colorful and vibrant part of the culture. Not to mention the fact that, all the major festivals in Ghana are celebrated with joyous enthusiasm and they showcase a rich heritage and traditional culture of their country. Listed below are some of the popular festivals in Ghana.


1. Dipo - Celebrated by the people of Odumae in the Eastern region of Ghana, Dipo is one of the popular festivals in Ghana. Furthermore, the festival is used to usher into puberty, girls who are virgins and it represents that the lady who partakes in it is of age to be married.

2. Homowo - This one of the colorful festivals in Ghana celebrated in a joyous and cheerful fashion that characterizes to the gods and their ancestors for the spiritual protection in which traditional dancing, drumming among other recreational activities take place.

3. Asafotufiam Festival - Celebrated in the first week of August every year, The Asafotufiam festival is celebrated by the chiefs and people of Ada in the Dangbe East of the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The Festival is celebrated in the commemoration of the accomplishments and victories in wars for settlements fought by the ancestors of that area.

Every year Ghanaian festivals and durbars are held in different parts of the country for celebrating the heritage of the people. With its wide range of colorful and unique festivals and local events, the country really knows how to have a good time.


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